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National list of varieties

The National List of shows the varieties which have been approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority for certified production in Norway. The species are arranged alphabetically by their botanical names. The preface includes an overview of the species arranged alphabetically by their Norwegian names, together with the ancillary botanical name. See the National list at the Norwegian Food Safety Authority web pages.

The "Official Notices of Plant Breeder's Right and the National List of Varieties" can be found here.  This publication includes information about applications for protection of plant varieties and additions to the National List, the denomnination of the variety, the breeder, the Norwegian representative and any amendments to these details. The Official Notices also includes the list of varieties protected by Plant Breeder's Right in Norway. The list is normally published five times a year; on 30/01, 30/03, 30/05, 30/08 and 30/11.

Objections to applications or proposed denominations be sent to The Plant Variety Board, c/o The Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Post Box 383, 2381 Brumunddal by the 29 th of April 2021.

A variety can be protected by Plant Breeder's Right when it can be distinguished from other known varieties, is uniform, and retains its characteristics on propagation.  This is investigated using the so-called DUS test, (Distinctness, Uniformity, Stability).  See guidelines for the DUS test. The variety must also be new and have an acceptable name.

The EU database of registered plant varieties offers a search tool for all the agricultural and vegetable plant varieties which can be marketed through the European Union.

A variety which is to be approved for certified production and inclusion to the National List of Varieties does not need to be new, but must otherwise fulfil the same conditions as for protection of plant breeder's rights. For the most important plants, such as cereals and oilseed plants, potatoes and certain types of  fodder, there are additional requirements for the cultivation and utilisation potential. These are investigated using the so called VCU (Value for Cultivation and Use) test. See guidelines for VCU-test.

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